Questions to ask potential wedding DJ’s

When you are looking for potential DJs for your wedding, it’s important that you book the right one for you. Asking questions is key in helping you find a wedding DJ that is a success. Below you can find a list of questions you should ask before you make a decision as who to book for your big day.

Questions to ask wedding DJs

How long have you been doing this professionally? How many weddings have you done?

These questions are really important because you are probably not going to want to hire a Wedding dj London who has never done a wedding before or someone who has not even been a DJ for very long. Of course, you might want to take a chance on somebody new to the industry if they are offering a cheaper rate but that is up to you.

Can you describe your style?

Some DJs like to play particular types of music, while some will try to be more tailored to your needs. It is important to find a DJ who has a style similar to what you are your partner enjoy, after all it is your wedding and you probably have a certain vision in mind!

How do you motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?

A DJ should be an entertainer, not just somebody who plays music, which makes this question very important. Get to grips with the personality of the DJ when you are talking to them and asking them questions like this will help you do that. (Check out Wedding dj Surrey)

How big is your music library?

Nowadays, most DJ’s have an unlimited collection of songs, but it is important that you ask this. Some older DJs tend to have a few different CD’s to hands and cannot really do special requests if newer songs are requested by guests. Ideally, you want to choose a DJ who has a very large library and also make sure that they know what style of music you would prefer him/her to play.

What is your rate?

It is important that you find out how much the wedding DJ charges and for how many hours this covers. Some DJs will charge more on the weekend so find out about this and it should help you make an informed choice.

Will there be a written contract?

It is always best to choose a Wedding dj who provides a written contract for his services. This is more professional and ensures that if anything goes wrong, he doesn’t complete the full time and so on, you will be able to get a portion of the money back.

These are questions that you should definitely be asking to ensure that you get the best wedding DJ in your area. Do your research, check reviews, ask these questions and you should be guaranteed an amazing DJ for your wedding!

February 2020