How Letting Agents Can Help You

Letting agents ensure you get the right rent and tenant for your property

Renting out properties may not be easy since it requires some experience in advertising and shortlisting the potential tenants suitable for a property.This is the reason why many landlords depend on the letting agents who handles the job in a professional manner.Letting Agents are very professional, and their expertise is quite well-known in the real estate market across the globe. But, you should go to the letting agent(eiendomsmegler kristiansand) who has a track record stating specialist or expert.

The letting agents(eiendomsmegling kristiansand) are much experienced in the industry thus helps out landlords who are new to the rental market or vexed with the services of other agents to avail the best and friendly services from them. The letting agents offer both letting only and fully managed services of the property for the landlords.

Under the letting only services, they take the responsibility to evaluate the rental value of the property and aggressively markets it on different media platforms to attract prospective clients. They also offer valuable tips to the landlords on presentation of the property(utleie av bolig) to attract the tenants and also offer accompanied viewing with the tenants to finalize the tenancy agreement. They also ensure to draft a suitable tenancy agreement as per the current law and provide all details of service suppliers, rental guarantee, fire, landlords, insurance, etc. to the tenant.

However, in the fully managed services offered by the letting agents, they also extend additional support to the landlords including the above services. They also take the responsibility of maintaining the property in a proper condition arranging the necessary repairs and replacements if necessary, that includes calling in the tradesman, inspecting the repair works and also settle the accounts. They also take the responsibility of solving any obligations related to the tenancy agreement along with taking legal action in case of tenancy rent arrears or breach of tenancy agreement. Information supplied by Delego.

The letting agents also offer guaranteed rent scheme to the landlords that allow the landlords to enjoy guaranteed rent every month irrespective of whether the property is occupied or not. The letting agents shall lease the property from the landlords for a period and sublet it to the tenants at their risk. In this process, though the property is unoccupied the rental amount shall be paid to the landlord. The letting agents also offer quite competitive landlord fees, ensuring maximum returns on the property for the landlords.

The letting agents also help tenants find suitable properties for rent from their database that suits to their interests as well as budget constraints. Both tenants and landlords can surely enjoy the best services from letting agents.