Why So Serious?

Clients and prospective clients usually have things to say about businesses and companies. The situation is made more difficult with the availability of numerous forums in which people can have such discussions. A company’s Public relation department is therefore faced with the uphill task of controlling the type of conversation people may have about the company. The department employs various strategies and techniques aimed at ensuring that the public the right information when they search for them online. This is referred to as online reputation management.On the other hand, it’s not necessary to create an in-house PR department. You can work with a dedicated reputation management firm like Bright Past which will take care of all your public relations processes and manage your online image.


ORM offers the best option for the company, businesses or any other entity to create a balance and provide appropriate counter-measures to the misleading information and allow the entity put forward its best beliefs, culture, and trends. In this generation, every kind of information is searched for online, and people have a practical library as the source of information. Youths only visit libraries for information that cannot be found online. Anything else would be searched on Google and other search engines. It is, therefore, important that any PR department should worry about the kind of information available to online visitors. An entity’s online reputation is its reputation.

Most people use online reviews to look up information about local businesses, potential employees have also been rejected because of information about them that was found online by their potential employers. Each day people continue to live their lives online and no matter how low-tech or under the radar someone might try to live their lives, there is always some information about them online that can be used against them.

It becomes worse when there is damaging information about a person or an entity that is available online without their knowledge. This means that potential clients and other people would be accessing the information while the affected entity is not doing anything to change the information. It is, therefore, important to monitor information available online about your entity or venture and change any damaging information.

This causes the need for ORM. With the advancements of search engines, one might be forgiven to think that the misleading information would disappear with time, but unfortunately, that is not what happens. Search engines offer only what the browser is looking for, so if the browser needs negative information, he will certainly get it if it is available. ORM must take into account that negative reviews are human errors and not technological errors. PR department has the task of ensuring that this information should not overwhelm the truth about the entity. The department must, therefore, provide more than enough materials to counteract the negative information.