Types of flooring


It is most popular and requires high maintenance costs. They last longer when maintained well. Hardwood flooring is expensive, and it is used for decoration themes that are most available in natural shades.


It is a material that occurs naturally and has similar characteristics to hardwood flooring, but it is easy to maintain compared to hardwood because it is stain resistant. Favorably used in dry conditions, The problem is that scratches find places in it.


Easy to install and last longer, it does not allow water and stains; this may lead to replacement because it can’t be re-done. They are causing it to be a good choice for decoration.


It is commonly known as mosaic flooring and is stain resistant. Also, it’s easy to be maintained. Terrazzo is made of granite chips and marble that is in concrete.

-Red oxide

It is cheap and has a good look more people love using this because of its timelessness. Easily maintained and commonly used in tropical climates. The floors require skilled personnel because it is difficult to lay.


Most popular because of its cost-effectiveness and its extra energy, long-lasting, and fire resistance. Their floors are laid differently, like basketweave and staggered arrangements.

– Linoleum

It is produced from raw materials, which include dust, oil, and cork. Cost friendly and good designs and has gained popularity in many homes. Its soft surfaces mostly get scratches from not keen users; therefore, one is advised to use this type of flooring in rooms where one doesn’t see traffic. (https://www.gulvxtra.no)


Its flooring is long-lasting and strong. (https://www.gulvxtra.no/Tarkett) This type of flooring is rarely damaged; air mostly affects this type of flooring with craters and cracks. They are found in different colors and textures.


Granite flooring is highly stained resistant and is easy to maintain; therefore needs protection against scratches. This stone is good for many parts thus a good choice for flooring. (https://www.gulvxtra.no/Parkett)


Mostly available in stone finishes designs and is inexpensive, stain, and water-resistant. Vinyl flooring lasts longer however requires great care for the floor from scratches.