CCTV Systems

The initials CCTV stand for Closed-circuit television. The CCTV cameras are mainly used for surveillance, and in recent years, they have been used a lot in boosting security and helping in tracking down burglars, thieves, stolen cars, etc. The surveillance is mostly done by video cameras to transmit signals to a specific place where it can now be seen on screens or monitors.

A brief history of the CCTV cameras: The first CCTV was developed in Russia by a physicist called Leon Theremin in June 1927. It was operated manually and had a wireless shortwave transmitter and receiver with a resolution of one hundred lines. There has been much advancement to it up to what we have now.

What are some of the uses of CCTV?

  1. Crime-solving- The footage recorded by the CCTV has been mostly used to solve crimes as they record the actions first hand. A good example is London, where six crimes are solved daily through footage from the CCTV cameras.
  2. Bodycam- There has been an introduction of body cameras and especially in the police department, which helps a lot in surveillance. They are mostly worn on the head or the chest.
  3. Monitoring employees- Many organizations that have embraced the CCTV technology mostly use them in monitoring their employees, especially in the financial departments.
  4. Sports-The cameras are used to broadcast the sporting activities even to the fans who are not in the venue. This is mostly done by big screens outside the venue.
  5. Boosting safety in public transport- CCTV cameras are nowadays installed in public transport means like buses to enable the driver to monitor the passengers.

What to look at when buying a CCTV camera

There are many types of CCTV cameras, and here are some of the factors you should look at when purchasing one.

  1. Usage- It is good to look at the usage of the camera as some are for indoor use while others are outdoor.
  2. The light conditions- Test different cameras to get a camera that will work best with the lighting in the installation area.
  3. Image quality-A good CCTV camera will show quality and more precise images.
  4. Discreetness- If you don’t want people noticing that you have installed some CCTV cameras, go for the smaller ones as they are more discreet. If you wish them to be noticeable, you should go for the box cameras.